Terms and conditions

  1. The campaign for the discounted domain will run from January 12th 2022 until December 30th 2022 at 13:00
  2. The period for discounted .EE domain is 1 year.
  3. The campaign for discounted web hosting runs from January 12th 2022 until December 30th 2022 at 16.00
  4. The campaign for the discounted web hosting runs until February 28th 16:00
  5. The campaign offers are valid for all Zone users.
  6. The promotion includes discounts on .EE domain registration services and web hosting packages Starter, Business and Pro offered by Zone.
  7. The discounted web hosting price applies only for new orders. Existing plans cannot be exchanged.
  8. The period of the web hosting ordered during the campaign is 1 year. In the event of non-compliance with the mentioned period, i.e. in the event of early termination of the service contract at the initiative of the customer, the discount becomes void as of the date of its application. For the refund of the balance of the prepayment paid for the service, Zone will base the refund on the current web hosting price list, calculating the actual time of use of the web hosting service, adding the annual fee for domain registration and deducting the resulting amount from the customer’s prepayment. In case the amount of the refund exceeds the cost of the promotional price, no refund will be granted.
  9. Zone reserves the right to make changes to the campaign terms and conditions at any time.